Distant Reiki Energy Treatment


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What is Distant Reiki?

💥 Distant Reiki is an alternative holistic energy healing practice. It help heals chronic illnesses, such a cancer, stokes, fibromyalgia, pain, inflammation, swelling, stress, anxiety, depression, mental and emotional well being and financial blocks.

The distant treatment allows the client to receive the benefit of energy healing no matter where he or she is in the world.

💥The Reiki Practitioner doesn’t prescribe or diagnose any disease and we certainly don’t advise you to terminate services with your primary care physician. We use the universal life force energy to help heal the body, mind and spirit.

💥Some people experience a sense of peace, deep relaxation, release of stress, lessen pain, well being or light sensation during treatment.

Who do you know that could benefit from a Reiki Energy healing treatment?

Give a wonderful gift idea of wellness, book your family or friends a complete Distant Reiki Energy treatment.

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40 min, 60 min


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