amazing what she can do 💜 ive just had a reiki healing over the phone and I was amazed with what was picked up on .. I had a fire extinguisher fall on my low back when I worked at Subway and it was picked up on this pain I would highly recommend making sometime to work out a Time to make a appointment. im so happy I’ve come across this amazing page and group all her live streaming work is amazing too

Hayley Fear

This young woman is the BEST!

Angelyne M. Davis

I totally enjoyed my AromaTouch treatment with essential oils. Anissa paid attention to the details and created a soothing environment while sharing knowledge about the oils.

Jennifer Maddox

I met Anissa by chance. I began to follow her online and almost instantly felt like I wanted to explore more of what she had to offer. We made an appointment to do a mini consultation. She explained so much as we got there and I got onto the table and closed my eyes. She then asked if I had any specific ailments/pain. Well, for many years now I have had lower back pain. PT didn’t help, and my bonding with my Ibuprophen was wearing out. She concentrated on the area that I mentioned. I could feel a coolness coming but never having experienced this, I wasn’t sure. My pain went from a 7+ to almost a 0/1. It is now going on 3+ weeks and I have never felt this good in years. Not only is my pain gone,… YES 0!!… my core of me feels at peace. Unless you experience for directly, you just might not get it. God guided me to this beautiful lady for a reason. I feel as if we were meant to journey. I will be returning as she is amazing with her special gift!

Dawn Jay Menzigian Varjabedian

Awesome information to use and help you in life

Audrey Brooks